Megan Fox Complete diet plan

Megan Fox diet plan

Megan fox, who  took birth on 16 May, 1986, a Gemini by birth and a sizzling famous American actress and supermodel by profession. Fox’s figure looks equally stunning after giving birth to three children Noah Shannon Green, Bodhi Ransom Green and Journey river Green by 2016, her equation with  her stepson Kassiu, Green’s son from actress Vanessa Marcil is also recommendable.

Megan is admires for her big mouth and a large heart to accept the facts about herself that she is bisexual and her love interests depend on the sex appeal of the person not their gender and promotes the ideology that there is no fixed gender to fall in love for, it can happen with anyone, anytime for any sex.Her journey in the showbiz started from with not so lead roles in television and was a part of “Hope and Faith”. Her film journey is embarked  by the movie “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”. The actual pace to her career came with  Transformers in 2007. Megan is the a seductive bombshell and a package to slay men there and then especially with her photo shoots with  magazines including Rolling Stone, Maxim, FHM.

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The level of beauty and sex appeal comes from the fact that how she manages her diet and workout sessions without a fail. Megan fox’s customised diet comes from his expert hire Mr. Harley who handed her a special 5 factor diet which ensures a proper supply of  nutritions to her body.

Diet relies on 5 basic yet small meals and is augmented with a cheat day once in a while where she need not systematically have 5 small meals rather gorge on her favourite kind of food in no sequence or order.Harley’s client list includes other A-listers like Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

The Complete Megan Fox’s  Diet is given below:

-Carbohydrates Intake: The only source of healthy and wanted carbohydrates for Megan is Fruits and vegetables.

– A strict No to Fast food:

Her diet has no room for food that is either fried or made using white floor like chips or white breads.

-Be a Punctual Dietician

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Time plays an important role when you are following a diet, all your efforts may fall into vein when you don’t take your meals timely. Megan is exceptionally particular about her breakfast and makes sure that meal enters her body on time. She loves to have eggs in her breakfast.

– Vitamins- She gulps in handful of almonds daily to provide her body with wanted antioxidants. Almonds are great snacks during your strict diets, they are filling, harmless, fibrous and brilliant source of  proteins.

-Transformers star prefers salads made using apple cider vinegar. Megan was even quoted as explaining the need of using the moderate amouny of this vinegar because its highly basic.

It is said that megan’s diet is a lot inspired from Priyanka Chopra New Diet Plan take a look at it and tell us what do you think.

Possible Surgeries Of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Julia Fiona Roberts famously known as Julia Roberts, was born on 28 October, 1967 to Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Robert. She studied in Georgia State University and later did not completed her graduation. And went to New York to attend classes for acting. She is an actress and producer. She commenced her career from film Satisfaction. Her first appearance in television as a rape victim in Crime Story.

In 1990, she became a huge hit after comedy movie named Pretty Woman. She has received Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards for Best Actress for her her work in Erin Brockovich in 2000. Her films include Mystic Pizza, Sleeping with the enemy, Hook, Mona Lisa Smile and many more. She is one of the most successful actress. She was the highest paid in 1990s. Magazine People named her as “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” for 11 times. 


In addition to her films, she runs a production company named Red Om Films. She served as a executive producer for the “American Girl” series. She has given some of her time towards various charitable organisations.

In 2010, she was interviewed by Elle Magazine and said that she believes in Hinduism. She is a devotee of Maharaj ji Neem Karoli Baba. When she was in India for her film Eat Pray and Love, she visited Swami Daram Dev of Ashram Hari Mandir in Pataudi.

Here are some  Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos, dont forget to share these with your friends.

Their is no doubt that viewers have always loved this “pretty woman” and her being but they couldnot resist talking about her possible plastic surgeries. It was the desperate media that brought her changes in the notice as the general masses were busy appreciating this flawless actress. She is an example to hold while talking about a personally and professionally successful women. There were recent waves that she opted for surgical processes to maintain herself visually fit for the showbiz.


1. Lip Augmentation

With age, your features get dull and lifeless but her lips are getting fuller and better day by day. They are not flat rather plump and lively. It’s quite convincing that the person used lip colours to make them attractive but no lip-colour can change their shape in such a way.

2. Fuller cheeks

Apart from her lips, what else looks much filler now is her cheeks, she might have had Injection with Juvederm that helps in getting fuller lips and cheeks together.

3. Eyelids Surgery

Our eyes tend to loose the charm of course with age but someone who is in a profession as rigorous as that of acting looses it further and puffiness becomes much prominent due to lack of sleep. Getting fresh eyelids becomes a necessity for actors to survive in front of the camera. Julia’s eyelids look defined, sharper and bright. These kind of surgeries are extremely useful to hide the signs of ageing.

4. Nose job

This surgery is not confirmed officially yet simply because her nose shows just a bit of variation rather than a complete change. May be she deliberately opted for such a fine and subtle treatment. Wanna know more about nose job? Take a look at Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Photos

Tori Amos Possible Plastic Surgeries

Tori Amos

Myra Ellen Amos is famously known as Tori Amos was born on 22 August, 1963. She is a famous songwriter, composer and pianist. She is a musician too. At 5, she won a scholarship in Peabody Institute and became the youngest to be admitted by that institute. Later her scholarship was discontinued from Peabody Institute. As she lost her interest from classical piano and gain interest in rock and music.

She was the lead singer of group Y kant Tori Read before having a career in early 1990s. Her songs are mostly based on sexuality, feminism and religion. Her most popular singles include “ Crucify“, “Silent All These Years“, “God“, “Cornflake Girl“, “Caught a Lite Sneeze”, “Flavour”, are most of the successful singles. She has many nominations under her name includes MTV VMA, Grammy and won an “Echo Award”.

Tori Amos Possible Plastic Surgeries

In 1977, she won a county teen talent contest. Amos and his brother wrote “Baltimore” for a competition. The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), a helpline number was launched and founded in 1994. She was herself a rape survivor and answered the first call to launch the help line number. And she continued to be part of that organisation. In 2013, she did concert for RAINN to raise money for organisation.

Apart from singing she is well known for her good looks both on and off stage. But many onlookers and surgeons believe that her latest look is possible only if she had cosmetic surgeries.

Tori Amos Possible Plastic Surgeries

She has been a role model for many artist around the world. Now, she has been in limelight once again for plastic surgeries. Fans and media started comparing her before and recent pictures and one can easily figure out the difference she has after having plastic surgeries.

Rhinoplasty (Nose job)

Amos had a unique bump on her nose which was quite visible in her earlier pictures. But her nose now looks more straight, thin, and no bump is visible on her nose. And these reasons speculates about her nose surgery.



She might have undergone surgery for eyebrow which now looks to be higher than before. And it is also suspected that she might have undergone eyes transformation, as her eyes looks different in her recent pictures. This is possible only if she had plastic surgeries.

Botox Injections

Amos face looks more fuller in her recent pics which suggests that she might have taken Botox injections to enhance her looks and appearance. But there has been no confirmation about her surgeries and these all are pure speculations.Changes in the body can be due to maturing, in case of young musicians, singers and actresses. Since Tori is in her late 40s it is quite sure that maturity can’t be the reason for these changes only possible reason can be cosmetic surgeries to enhance her looks and appearance.


Jessica Phyllis Lange Possible Surgeries

Jessica Phyllis Lange who was born on 20th of April belongs to a noble family with most of them being teachers. This was majorly the reason she learned to manage and interact as her father had several of transfers. Despite several transfers she at last settled to her very own birthplace that is Cloquet.

Jessica took the world of cinema into her hands as she proved her potential in all the three forms of it, be it filming, theatre performances or television series. Jessica very proudly recalls that before making her mark she opted for almost all kinds of jobs without having a second thought of the status they offered. It all started when the a well known producer spotted her and could resist casting her as the leading lady of King Kong, this got her a Golden globe award.

After 3 decades of her era, she is still thought as the most beautiful actress of all times. 

Jessica Phyllis Lange Possible Surgeries

Possible Surgeries

She is professionally established and celebrated but what also came her way with stardom was the rumours that she takes help of her surgeons to look this glamouress and stunning at an age where people and their beauty starts moving downhill.

1. Eyebrow-Lift

Her eyebrows are exceptionally well curated. They complement her face cut so well that one can’t stop thinking that this diva went for a Brow-lift. These kind of subtle differences can only be spotted by expert surgeons in general. Several surgeons recently pointed that she doesn’t has saggy eyelids rather they are extremely smooth and subtle as compared to what a 50 year old lady should have and the shape of her eyes look the same way as before, which is not reasonable at all. These assumptions or rumours are coming out so strongly even when they are termed baseless officially just because she looks stunning.

2. Botox Fillers

As we know her body never garnered that much of attention as compared to her face that’s still well defined at her supposedly fading age. She has got an even tighter forehead than before along with a neck line that is extremely fine. The pull in her neck line looks really intriguing and consolidates the rumours she had one of the best face lifts ever. 


Her facial structure was not bad before either, you could meet her A-lister fans like Mr. Kael who always admired her face type and called her the camera desire. But she might have decided to take this bold step to conform to this industry and expand her career so that there is no risk of seizing it  any time soon.


Her body was not ever under the scanner for wrong reasons, she is now in this age where her face matters more than her body as sensuality is not her job anymore whereas she may be preferred for aged roles that ironically looks good when essayed by chirpy actresses like carter.

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Shocking Images

Nikki Cox

Nicole Avery “Nikki” Cox famously kniwn as Nikki Cox was born on 2 June, 1978 to Meredith Avery Cox and Terry Kay Cox. She is a writer and an actress. She is known for her work in Unhappily Ever After, Las Vegas and Nikki. She commenced her career at age four and appeared as dancer. And started acting at 10, making appearance in Bay watch, StarTerk, Eerie, Blossom, Mama’s family and many more. In 1993 to 1995, she starred in General Hospital. She bagged role in Tiffany Malloy. He appeared in Scream, where he wore “Ghostface mask”.

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Shocking Images

She became spokesperson of online gaming site, in 2006. In Leisure Suit Larry, she gave the voice of Jenna. She was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album as a sole writer.

Cox engaged to Bobcat Goldthwait, she gave voice to Mr. Floppy. Later she married to.                                                   actor Jay Mohr in Los Angeles. In 2011, she had son with Jon Jay Mohr.

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery

Cox plastic surgery was the reason for her fall in career. Those who are watching her since 90’s when she had a amazing start and had a lovely looks. In few years, she had a successful career and she was one of the successful actress. She was one of the favourite cast for film makers. She is known for playing different roles, including hot chicks one. Later she surprised her fans by changing her looks and appearance by plastic procedures. Her all plastic surgeries went wrong.

Her surgeries are referred as horrible and freaking. Though these changes are un confirmed but have attracted media and fans from a variety of areas. Some surgeons hinted her plastic surgery as exposing her ugly side. She has been working in several TV shows and known by many people. Her surgeries have generated debate among her followers.


  1. Lip Augmentation

Cox underwent lip augmentation and took fillers to have bigger and fleshy lips. The lips now looks fuller changing her entire face. Her recent pictures shows that her lips had a drastic effect which changes her face look and appearance. Her upper lip got more affected.

  1. Breast Implants

Cox breast implant surgeon missed out some parameters which makes them look bigger and pushed up. Her breast in recent pictures look bigger than they use to be. Her desire to have large breast looks to be a missed out for her. And her breast doesn’t suit her appearance.

  1. Botox Injections

At this age,  her face looks wrinkle free that clearly points at Botox injections and fillers. It is quite clear that she had underwent various plastic surgeries.

She never admitted to all these plastic surgeries. And claimed as the attempt to terminate her career. Her denials to these allegations, didn’t favour her much as she had a great fall in her career.

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

Ali Lohan

Alina Taylor famously known as Ali Lohan was born on 22 December,1993 to Donata “Dina”  and Michael Lohan. She is known for her singing, modelling and as a actress. Lindsay Lohan is her elder sister. She was raised in Catholic region. Her career began with a album named Lohan Holiday under YMC records in 2006. And re released this album named “Christmas with Ali Lohan”. She did Christmas Magic with director David Blood in 2006. In 2008, she released her single album named All The Way Around, which reached number seventy five on the list of Hot Digital Songs. And peaked at number 11 on the Bubbling 100 singles. In 2008, she worked in her sister’s film in adaptation of R.L Stine novel Mostly Ghostly.


She commenced her career at age 3 with Ford Model agency and appeared in magazines including Teen Vogue and Vogue Bambini. She had a multi year modelling contract with NEXT Models in 2011. She later signed a contract with Wilhelmina and shoot for brand Rouge and Lounge for handbags. In 2013, she appeared in Vogue Magazine with other models. 

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery – Before And After Images

The answer to such controversial questions like whether or not she underwent a surgery stays undercover official at least from the side of celebrity. However, nothing remains hidden from audience and industry experts. Their instincts and their expertise respectively confronts the celebrity to give the answer.

Aliana lohan just like her sister came under the bizarre scanner of plastic surgeries. She adamantly denies having any yet. Actors keep refusing the fact even after they were spotted at Beverly Hills, that’s a hub to elite plastic surgery treatments. Her sister even came to her rescue saying the changes were purely a product of her natural growth. She is said to have undergone various plastic surgeries to get this stunning look.

1. Eyebrows Lift

It’s believed that her face looks fresh and rejuvenated because of a Brow lift. The brows give her a better and mature look.

2. Nose Job

Her entire face looks different than before, this variation can’t be solely attributed to a mere brow lift. Her nose even appears to be much sharper and well chiselled. It has slimmed down to some notches, the result of this rhinoplasty is subtle and clean.

3. Botox Fillers

She probably took the Botox fillers to complement her nose and brow job. These fillers are used to get a well shaped face along with zero lines of wrinkles. The images used by surgeons to prove the difference are of 2011, when she was extremely young, it’s natural to see some immature features. Now everything on her face has transformed to better.It’s quite clear that she underwent a very complicated process of rhytidectomy or facelift which is mostly done along with an eyelid uplift mentioned.